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The Down Low Glow

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  Down Low Glow: Neon Safety Lights for Bikes

     A BMX bike and chrome chopper with the Down Low Glow neon kit installed.
Photo: Chugrad McAndrews | More photos below!

More than a bike light, the Down Low Glow provides the 'cool safety' experience customers rave about.

"I can't stop smiling when it's on. I found myself thinking, 'How can I take a longer route to where I'm going?'" -- Eric from Baltimore.

"I feel safer at 11PM than I do at 11AM. These lights rock!" -- Josh from Michigan.

With the Down Low Glow bike lights on your two-wheeled thing, you can worry less about getting hit, and focus more on the joys of the night ride:

  • Rolling with friends on a moonlit cruise.
  • Clearing your head with the cool night air.
  • Taking a special someone out on the town.
  • Getting your heart beating on your way home from work.

The night ride is quality time. Don't waste it wondering whether cars will see you. When it comes to your safety at night, don't pick a bike light that's "better than nothing."

The Down Low Glow is the only bicycle safety light with GSR ("Gimme Some Room") Technology.

The whole point of GSR technology is to make you and your bike seem wider on the road than you actually are. GSR technology helps make it clear to drivers what part of the road is yours, and what part of the road is theirs. So when cars pass you, they are likely to give you more breathing room. GSR technology is also extremely effective at providing side visibility, which unfortunately is the cause of nearly 70% of all nighttime bicycle-car collisions.

The Down Low Glow is a premium-quality, one-of-a-kind product, featuring a lightweight rechargeable battery, easy no-tools mounting kit, shockproof light tubes, and super-bright glow. The whole system weighs in just over a pound. It won't slow you down, but it will enhance your safety.

Available in three colors: Ice, Envy, and Plush

See the High Quality Components Up Close

Components of the Down Low Glow Bicycle  Light

See the complete contents of the Down Low Glow dual-tube system (our most popular model). Most of your questions about batteries, installation, and fit will be answered on this page. Email us if you don't find what you're looking for.

See the benefits of GSR Technology ("Gimme Some Room")

Maximize your side visibility with the Down Low Glow.

GSR sounds funny, but it really works. Cars give you more respect on the road when you stake out your space with the DLG. Read testimonials from safety-conscious customers like you.

See a slideshow of the Down Low Glow's safety benefit.

Our new slideshows compile the best images of the Down Low Glow in action.


Well, we might as well say it: Rolling with the DLG is also extremely cool. People often say it reminds them of the neon lights on Lowrider cars. But really, it's much better, because you don't have to lean out the window to enjoy the effect. The DLG throws neon light up to 10 feet in all directions (depending on the level of street lighting).

Installation is easy and is not permanent. The DLG fits bikes of all types and sizes from racing bikes to 20" BMX, to recumbents. It takes about 5-10 minutes to put the Down Low Glow on your bike for the first time. You can be out rolling on a cloud of colored neon light the same night you receive your order.

For a complete description of the product, please read answers to your most common questions , or you can take a closer look at the system components.

Please check out what the press has to say about the DLG. And read our fantastic customer testimonials. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and offer a 30-day risk-free satisfaction guarantee.

Do you want to get glowing tonight? Buy the Down Low Glow on our Catalog Page.


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Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a complete satisfaction guarantee on your Down Low Glow purchase . You are entitled to return your Down Low Glow system if you are not satisfied with the fit, brightness, durability, or weight. We have had 100% customer satisfaction so far.

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